Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My new nightstand

The other night when I was walking my dog, I found this cute, neglected table by the dumpster. I gave it a coat of black paint and decopauged the top :) Here's the how to

You will need:
Paint or spray paint (If you decide to paint the furniture)
Glue (I used Aileen's tacky glue, but standard white glue works just as well)
Clear sealer spray
Various clippings

Step 1
Start by painting your piece of furniture. Let dry.

Step 2
Prepare your collage materials. Magazine clippings, newspaper clippings, and computer printouts work best. If using photos, photocopy them first.

Step 3
Prepare your glue. I made a glue wash out of 1 part glue to 1 part water. If your wash is too thick, add more water. If its too thin add more glue. Its that simple! The consistency of the glue should still have some meat to it, not too watery (if that makes sense)

Step 4
Lather the top in glue wash and arrange your clippings in a collage type fashion. Keep applying glue wash over the tops of the clippings to make sure they are fully saturated. Let dry.

Step 5
Apply clear sealer. Let dry.

Now you are ready to bring your new furniture inside!
Now bloggers get crafting!!


  1. Hi Molly, This is vicki, Tucker's Mom. I came to see your new blog! I have done some of these kind of projects many years ago, but I'm really glad you reminded me how much fun it was to do! Good luck on your new Blog!

    1. Hi! Im glad I was of help. Very cool :) Thanks :)