Monday, November 12, 2012

Animal hoodies!

 Today's post was going to be doggie bones, but I dont have all the materials yet. That we will save for another day. Its hoodie season here in California and here is a super cute project to keep you warm and cozy.

You will need:
A hoodie with a large hood
Fabric scraps in contrasting colors
Straight pins
Sewing machine
Sharp scissors

I chose to do a kitty face, but its entirely up to you. A monkey, devil, a dinosaur maybe? The possibilities are endless.

 Step 1
Fold the fabric you want to be the main color twice and draw out the size you would like your ears to be.

Step 2
Cut out ears. Do not cut fold. You should end up with 2 pieces.
Draw out a smaller triangle in the contrasting fabric. Fold fabric over once.
Step 4
Cut out shape. You should end up with one piece, cut on fold to get two pieces.

Step 5
Draw circles on fabric in whatever size you would like. Fold fabric over once.
Step 6
Cut out. You should end up with 2 eyeballs

 Step 7
Draw out a smaller circle in the contrasting fabric and cut over the fold. You should end up with 2 small circles.

Step 8
Draw out a small triangle in fabric and cut 1.

Step 9
Draw out a smaller triangle and cut 1

Step 10
 Cut out 6, 3' long strips. These will be the whiskers. I also cut out some hearts, but thats optional.

Step 11
Pin all components together. Place smaller contrasting shapes inside bigger shapes.

Step 12
Sew together. You an do this by hand, but it will take forever.

Step 13
Measure the length of your ears. Measure the length and cut 2 holes (on opposite sides) on hood.

Step 14
Pin all components to the hoodie
The whiskers are a little tricky. Pin and sew them down before you attach the nose.

Sew in place
Step 16
Trim your excess threads, pull out pins, and put on your new hoodie.


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